Global Sports Superstars and Their Charity Foundations

Being a celebrity is never that easy as you are always on the spotlight. Apart from the glamour there are a lot of negativity for instance, destroyed cell phones, fights, suspensions and other questionable events in the sporting arena. Most celebrities have their own way of giving back to the society through charities. Charity can be in many forms that is monetary and time. Top celebrities are using their salary and stature to better the world in one way or another. Whether it is working with children or the disadvantaged these charities are transforming the lives of many around the globe.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano is one of the most charitable sports stars around the globe having donated millions of pounds to worthy causes. Being one of the most successful footballers of his generation he is regarded as the most charitable sportsman topping the list of Athletes Gone Good.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is the most successful tennis player and also very generous in donating to worthy causes. She is Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF supporting the education of children in Asia. She also has her own foundation that focuses on the education of children. The foundation helps kids from unable families to get to college and also provides legal aid for families at the poverty level. Through the foundation, the generosity of serena has provided funding for immunizing programs in Ghana and Kenya as well the support of Big Brothers Big Sisters program, Elton John Aids Foundation and Hearts of Gold among many more. She is one of those athletes who are devoted to helping people around the globe.

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick is an NFL superstar who is not afraid to stand for what he believes is right whether its popular or not. The superstar is known to give of his wealth as devoting his time to charitable causes. Recently he made a commitment of donating a million dollars to help charitable organizations that help people and communities which are considered to be oppressed. Some of the charities he supports include Home2Heart organizations that help Atlanta’s single moms acquire beds as well as necessary furnishing while supporting new York’s coalition of Homeless charity.

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is a UFC star who has a big heart when it comes to helping the disadvantaged. She is very generous both with her time and money and she has started a Foundation that helps the underprivileged get mental health and services that they need. She started the Gompers judo program which donates time and funding for the Free Rice campaign. Some of Rousey’s activism and philanthropic work has come under scrutiny. Her charity campaign for Don’t be a #DNB (Do Nothing Bitch) which raised money for womens’ organizations. Although the slogan was controversial the campaign was hugely successful. She also received further criticism when associating with a dating app known as meet and fuck which is geared toward hookup culture and aligns with her beliefs about feminism and sexual liberty. Of course this was found controversial by many, but controversy often draws attentions which is effective when attempting to raise money.

Lebron James

Lebron James is an NBA superstar who despite not having a wealthy background has worked had to become one of the most celebrated basketball players of all time. Through his career he has acquired immense wealth but he has never forgotten where he comes from. He understands what it means to be impoverished being the son of a struggling mother who let Lebron move in with a family. He not only gives financial aid but also immense amount of his time to charity. He established the Lebron James Family Foundation which raise money and donates it to diverse charities that helps kids that are at risk in Akron area. The kids benefit with after school programs, activities and scholarships to universities in Akron.

John Cena

John Cena for Make A Wish. Needs PR approval.

John Cena is a very big name in WWE and has been involved in charity where he has established his own Wish Foundation. He dedicates his time in fundraising events and also helps to fulfill his wishes of children who want to spend little time with the celebrated wrestler. He also supports the Susan G. Komen organization that raises funds for breast cancer awareness campaigns. He has also raised millions of dollars for the charity.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is star athlete who is generosity extends to supporting charities. He has established his own charity Foundation that helps underprivileged children. He likes to give back to the community especially kids and has provided a sponsor bonus of a million donors in his charity foundation. The Foundation helps kids with medical conditions and he has also donated to the make a Wish foundation.

Carlos Beltran

Carlos Beltran received the SI’s Hope Award in 2017 and has been recognized for his kindness and generosity. He is very fierce when it comes to alerting the world about Puerto Rico who are in need of help in the Aftermath of hurricane Maria. After the devastating storm that left many people homeless and claimed the lives of others, he saw the plight and chose to help. The star donated a million dollars of his own money to charity fundraising that brought aid to the people.

Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr is a Brazilian Footballer who has founded his own charity organization known as the Neymar Jr. Project Institute. Its charity funds some of the most crucial resources on the earth that are in need. It basically aims at providing clean and fresh water to areas that are experiencing scarcity of the resource. There are several places around the world that lack the privilege of enjoying the luxury of clean and fresh water in abundance.

Tiger Woods

Tiger woods is known as the best golfer in the world and it has made him, one of the richest athletes in the world. He has been participating in various charitable activities around the world. He established the tiger woods foundation that helps poor kids get education. The foundation focuses on providing education to the needy as well as health and donating funds to the Shriners hospitals for kids.

David Beckham


One of the most successful footballers in the world David Beckham is not only good in the field but also in raising funds for charity. He is very generous and has established the Victoria and David Beckham Charitable Trust. The organization focuses on providing wheelchairs as well as other support to kids who are in need. He supports UNICEF, Red Cross, Peace one Day, Elton John Foundation and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

5 Unusual Charities That You Might Be Interested In

The word charity organization brings with it a world of support groups that work on different motifs and goals. Though most of them work on similar patterns of helping people, here is a list of five unusually different charity organizations:

This non-profit organization has a very unusual way of treating patients with spinal cord injuries and mobility impairments by giving them a helping aid of a trained service. This organization makes adults more independent by giving them amazing support that takes care of them. Well, all this time you might be thinking that I might be talking about a nurse or a doctor but no, this organization trains a monkey to help an adult to perform their daily activities without the help of any human. The organization very carefully trains these special service animals. This organization is very keen to provide the right support and this is the reason why it carefully matches the appropriate patient. For each adult who is facing this problem, this organization gives active support and care for the entire duration of healing. This Organization was started in the year 1979.

To train these special service monkeys there is a huge staff and it takes an average of $40,000 for this special training. The bond and partnership between a human and an animal are very deep and powerful. When you donate to this organization, the money is used for the training of these monkeys. This saves a lot of lives who are suffering from impairments & mental trauma.

  • Critter Connection

Globally when we say the word pets what we consider in the mind is a picture of a dog or a cat but in reality, many other animals need our love, care, patience, and trust. This is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the abandoned Guinea pigs. This organization rescues and rehabilitates these creatures. Cindy Kuester has founded this organization in the year 2004. She realized that these small creatures also need a home and have rescued more than 1800 guinea pigs. Most of the guinea pig after proper conditional treatment is fostered into new homes by providing them with a caring family. A few of the families have no one to take care of these little creatures so what they do is donate money for these charity organizations. The donations can also be in the form of food, medicines, and supplies. It is a big house for guinea pig care centers as well as for permanent adoption or foster homes for the people who would like to adopt these animals. These animals are quite susceptible to illness as the dogs and cats are especially to cold and diarrhea. This organization also gives a good suggestion of keeping your guinea pig healthy. But yes it is always preferable to go to a professional doctor rather than giving up on your pet.

  • Tall Clubs International Foundation

The Tall Clubs International Foundation was started by Kae Sumner Einfeldt in the year 1992. This organization has mainly been started to promote benefits for tall people. This organization deals with the special needs of exceptionally tall humans. This also provides scholarships to the people who are under the age of 21, but they should meet the minimum height requirement to get a membership in this club. For any woman to join and get benefited by this organization she should be more than 5 feet 10 inches tall and for any man to join this organization he should be more than 6 feet 2 inches tall. The founder herself was tall and had many problems when she was getting educated and so she wanted to help people who have similar issues.

  • 501ST Legion

This is a very unusual organization, it is a volunteer organization and the sole purpose of this is to bring all the costume enthusiasts in one place and to operate on their interest. This organization is very much inspired by Star Wars and it promotes this idea by designing and wearing the amazing costumes of Star Wars. Charity given to the trust is contributed to making the costumes of Star Wars. There is a huge fan base for this kind of costume. The costumes are often used by the people for promotional events related to Star Wars.

American National Cattlewomen Inc

This organization promotes the women who work for the cattle industry and Agriculture business. The donations for this organization are used to educate the women and built that business very well.


Almost everyone has smartphones these days. People use smartphones for buying and selling, online courses, learning and exploring new things, etc. So why not use your phone for a good cause like giving charity. Of course people today may not have time or money for giving charities, but technology has made things very easy, so much so that you can sit in the comfort of your home and perform beneficial deeds using the little technology in your pocket. Following is a list of five best apps so far that support charity:

Charity Miles

This free app allows you to earn donations as you sweat. Track your exercise miles with the charity miles app and earn money, which will be donated to needy as charity. Not much hassle needed as many people frequently exercise and work out. Plus, it can be a great way for those who don’t do exercise as it can motivate them to do so in order to donate charities. It will give such lazy people double benefits.


The Instead app suggests small changes to your daily routine like brewing your own coffee instead of buying it or renting movies instead of going to the theater to create savings that can be donated to water-saving projects etc. What’s really nice is that Instead will track all of the time you agreed on to give to charity instead of doing something else. Keeping a log like that reminds you of the good work you’ve done and the charities you’ve helped. Even if you only give $4 instead of buying a coffee, you can make a real difference. This is the beautiful purpose of this instead app. Without wasting your time on unimportant things, you could be unknowingly taking part in productive activities like charity projects which have a positive impact on the destitute.

Donate a Photo

Taking pictures might as well be the most natural task in the world—after all, at its root, it’s a good act of preservation. Johnson and Johnson rewards you with a 1 dollar charitable donation for sharing photos on their network, which can be used for any desirable charity projects. So the time you waste on snap chat and selfies every day can be more meaningful and obviously productive. You could share beautiful memories of yours online and this in turn will give you a small decent donation, which could change so many lives across the globe. Small drops of water make a mighty ocean. So change we can make.

Donor Reminder

A charity app that reminds you of donating blood to the destitute and keeps your blood donations on trade. Every 2 seconds, someone in the US needs a blood donation for which we can’t open up our wallets or turn on our phones to provide the blood donations that are needed every day, but with the DonorReminder App, you can track your blood donations to stay on top of your obligation and keep track of when to donate again.

Share the Meal

An app that fights global hunger through the UNW food program. Simply tap the app and give how much you wish. There are 821 million malnourished people in the world today. Approximately one in nine people do not get enough food to lead a healthy life. Hunger and malnutrition are the top risks to health worldwide — more than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. The good news is that hunger is entirely explainable. It costs just US$ 0.50 to feed one child for a day. We waste so much food and have little value for it. We eat what we like and the rest of our food will go to the bins. So why not utilize this golden opportunity to feed the poor and hungry people.

These are just a few instances of earning good deeds, but the internet is flooded with thousands of interesting apps that allow you to donate for eradicating hunger and poverty or for providing water, etc. Download any of these apps and make a difference in the lives of these poor people. At the same time be thankful to the all mighty God, who has given us so much: food clothing and shelter. These are the blessings that every calamity and poverty-stricken person dreams of.

How Does Tinder Participate in Philanthropy?

When it comes to serving humanity, one can do the same by various means. There is no need for anyone to participate specifically in a cause. One can easily contribute to the same just by engaging themselves in several activities. The activity of indulging oneself in an activity which is looking toward the welfare of the society is termed as philanthropy. The one who contributes to it is known as a philanthropist.

Earlier the case was if anyone is looking forward to contributing to the present system, then it is a must to get in contact with those companies who are doing the same. But now the scenario has been changed. One can do it easily just by engaging themselves with each other and let others know about it. The way tinder does it.

When it comes to look to Tinder, and to know the way they are serving to the society is commendable. Whenever one is going to register them with Tinder, they will get a $100 which will further be donated towards charity. Apart from the same, Tinder has started a campaign whose agenda is to serve women and to let them create their place in society.

For the same Tinder has pledged to donate $250000 in total. The name with which they are collecting the #fundhercause this is the name of the campaign which has been deciding by Tinder to help women and to let them know that there is nothing for which they can worry. Moreover, some of the cause is also there which are taken into consideration at the very first.

It is a must to get sure that the cause for which they are serving is appropriate. Some of the ones are available who will let you that some of the cause were hidden from women who not only creating problems but will also let the women live in a condition which is not appropriate.

Apart from the fact, the cause with which they are serving to the society is to maintain the status of women. The cause which was hidden must be portrayed in the eyes of every person available. You will get surprised to know that the fund which will be given by Tinder will totally contribute to the development of women. There is nothing which is hidden from the eyes of the ones who are dealing with the things related to the same.

These things make Tinder a reliable one and also let the people trust the same as well. What else someone wants when a reliable platform serving for the cause which is necessary to be fulfilled in such a manner.

Moreover, apart from women development, they serve for the development of children as well. There is nothing which is missing right now from the ones who are dealing with the same. Also, if anyone is looking forward to supporting Tinder for the same, then they can contribute and serve society as well.

If you are looking forward to helping society, you can contribute to the same and get the cause served easily. There will be no need for you to open any specific firm for the same. Many companies and apps that one might not expect are involved in philanthropy. Dating apps lie Tinder, OkCupid, Local Sexfinder, AdultFriendFinder and other unexpected participants are often attempting to make a positive difference. You might find yourself surprised at the fact that many of the apps that you use everyday offer opportunities to be philanthropic, whether through donation or activity.