Popular Tech Charities

Many people look out for various ways to get involved with charities. There are many dedicated tech charities available and accessible. People willing to help can offer their support in any form.

Let’s takes a look at eight most popular tech charities:

One Laptop per Child (OLPC)

One Laptop per Child is one of the most famous tech charities in the world. The goal is to empower underprivileged children all across the world through education. One Laptop per Child provides underprivileged child with a durable, budget-friendly laptop for needy kids.

With the availability of such tools, the children can learn, share, connect, and experiences the learning process differently and joyfully. Thus, contributing efficiently towards their self-empowerment and to create a bright future for them.

Child’s Play

Child’s play is a comic game site-based charity. The main aim was to provide techie toys to children’s hospitals. It was first started in Seattle, but it grows and spreads all across the United States, Canada, and even to the United Kingdom over time.

Child’s play initiates the games drive to all the kids suffering. Likewise, with such an act, they can put a smile on their face. It can also improve and encourage the lives of many suffering kids in the hospitals. Now around 70 hospitals have partnered with Child’s play to help the hospitalized kids.

The Guardian Project

The Guardian Project is simple, open-source libraries, secure apps, customized mobile devices initiated for everyone. People from all around the world can use it. It protects people’s personal data and information. It also safeguards their online work from interception, intrusion, and monitoring.

The Guardian Project is easy to use, and any average person, activist, journalist, or humanitarian organization can safeguard their work. If people are looking for any assistance or want to address the threats they face, The Guardian Project is the best option.


AbilityNet is a UK-based charity organization that helps disabled people. AbilityNet aims to fill the gap and allow even disabled people to learn how to use technology. The organization makes sure that disabled people are not discriminated against from the use of technology.

If people are looking for a charity that works to help disabled people, AbilityNet is a good choice. It supports disabled people also to attend tech classes to learn how to use a computer and access the internet.

Asylum Connect

Even if it is advanced and developed in the modern world, many countries considered it to be a crime to be in the LGBTQ community. If the individual struggles with their identity for such people, Asylum Connect can be a one-stop for them.

Asylum Connect offers people the best resources to assist queer individuals with their transition. For many people, such asylum contributes a lot, and such resources become a matter of life and death. Thus Asylum Connect is an encouraging and the right space that queer people needs.

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code was launched in the year 2016 to eliminate the gender gap in the tech world. The organization works to inspire, equip and educate high school-aged girls. They focus on help girls pursue a career in the engineering and technology sectors.

Girls Who Code has successfully reached girls from all around the world offer great exposure to computer science. It stands for equity and diversity.

Project Callisto

Many people have been a victim of sexual assault. People suffer silently as they fail to get the right help. For such people, they can feel free and look out for Project Callisto. It is an online system for sexual assaults to report what happened to them. It is more like an empowering charity organization to punish the offenders and make the world a better place.

Project Callisto aims to protect all the sexual assault victims and encourage them to come forward and speak out or share their experiences. With such an organization, people can work together and can protect others from happening the same to them.

The Afghan School Project

There are many charities to help children in war-torn places around the world, and The Afghan School Project is one such. The project opens a small school in Kandahar to help female students with tech and business skills.

The knowledge and skills will help them get a job, and they can improve their lives and get them out from the poor turmoil of life.


If people seek help or want to donate, they can get some idea about tech charities from this article. One small contribution and change a life, so feel free to contact and invest in the future generation to make it a better place to live.