Best Crowdfunding Websites for Charities

Crowdfunding is a great strategy to raise money for several purposes. Several nonprofit organizations, schools, and even individuals use this method to raise funds. There are several types of crowdfunding, such as reward-based or donation-based funding. But the primary goal of all these platforms is to collect charity for virtuous causes.

Are you looking to start a campaign or donate to a cause?

Here are the seven best crowdfunding platforms you will find online.


MyCause is an Australian-based crowdfunding platform for individual projects. We can choose the campaign we want to run from both a flexible and fixed crowdfunding model. We can also share our campaigns on social media via multiple sharing options. And in doing so, we can spread the word about our project all around the world.


Fundly is another notable charity platform for individuals and nonprofit causes. We can engage the audience to donate and share our projects on the internet through videos and images. The site is user-friendly and provides us with a blog-like feel. Fundly is also a “Keep it All” (KiA) platform, which means that all aids received belong to the fundraisers.


GoFundMe is one of the biggest names in the online crowdfunding space. It is simple to use, and you can set up an account free of cost. You can use it to raise money for medical fees, scientific research, etc. The site also provides special assistants called “Customer Happiness Agents” to help fundraisers maximize their funding.


Funraise is an excellent funding platform for nonprofit organizations. It provides you with the option to customize your donation forms and pages. Using its editor, you can select the colors or texts you want to give the pages a personalized look. Furthermore, we can also keep track of our campaigns through donor management, data reports, etc.


Classy is a subscription-based fundraising site for nonprofit groups. With its in-built online editor, you can design your campaigns easily. By using texts or images of your preference, you can give your pages a personal touch. And using advanced tools, it also provides reports regarding your campaign. Classy also supports repeat donations if you want to give more. Additionally, there are several payment options available.


If you are a teacher looking for ways to raise money for your school, go for DonorsChoose. With DonorsChoose, we can raise money to buy school supplies, classroom materials, and so on. One standout feature about this site is that it sends required materials directly to schools after their target is achieved. Therefore, there is no wastage of time or stress in shopping. We can also observe how they use our donations by providing us with a memo or project breakdown.


Bonfire is a popular reward-based campaign that sells shirts and tops to raise money for different causes. With its in-built editor, you can design custom t-shirts effortlessly in a variety of styles. You can also upload personal designs and logos representing your cause. Or you can also pick one from Bonfire’s library. In addition, you can also accept or give additional donations to further strengthen the fundings.

Crowdfunding makes it easy to set up campaigns that rely on the power of small donations from a large number. It is one of the best options whether you want to help others or facilitate your business’ growth. And there are several platforms out there that will help you with this. One thing to know is you should revise your goals and pick which platform works best for you. We hope that this list will help you make that decision.