Ways To Help And Contribute To Philanthropy For COVID-19 Pandemic Relief

It is not a surprise that the whole world is suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. People affected by the pandemic need every bit of support to prevent and treat the disease. 

Humanity is also reeling from the socio-economic impacts brought by the pandemic. Hence, philanthropic responses are the need of the hour to aid nations and communities. It is not just about prevention and treatment but rebuilding lives.

Several individuals and organizations are stepping in to help those in need. Since you probably aren’t pursuing some of your usual activities like online dating or trying to meet local milfs, you can probably afford to lend a helping hand.

You can learn in what ways international charities are helping the needy. Here is how you can be a part of the global helping hand:

COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund:  The World Health Organization (WHO) is leading the effort to fight the global outbreak. The COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund is a worldwide response for everyone to donate directly. The goals of WHO’s COVID-19 relief include:

  • Boost vaccination drives in severely affected countries
  • Provide life-saving supplies
  • Guarantee prevention and improve surveillance systems 

Both individuals and groups can directly respond to this initiative. One can visit the WHO’s official website to contribute. The response is a collective collaboration with the UN Foundation and its network of global partners. 

GlobalGiving: GlobalGiving is an online platform that connects non-profits and organizations worldwide to create funds. Recently, the platform started the Coronavirus Relief Fund to provide necessary relief. 

The initiative aims at stopping the spread of the virus and its treatment. GlobalGiving also strives to fund education initiatives centered on COVID-19 prevention. One can donate directly to the platform’s fund or choose to fund other COVID-19 related projects listed on the site. The non-profit also keeps donors posted about how their donations are helping the needy.

Other listed projects target vulnerable groups or communities affected by the pandemic. Such funds include contributing towards empowering girls, saving animals, and helping children in need. 

Give2Asia: Based in San Francisco, Give2Asia is a non-profit serving Asian Pacific countries. The organization’s current philanthropic project is helping India – one of the worst affected countries in the world. 

The non-profit’s priorities include:  

  • Funding urgent medical supplies to frontline workers 
  • Financially supporting low-income families
  • Supplying food rations

Individuals can donate online or request consultations for large donations. Give2Asia’s COVID-19 response in India is actively working with NGO partners in India. 

Direct Relief’s Coronavirus Pandemic Response: The US-based organization is actively aiding in pandemic relief ever since it broke out. One can be a part of the organization’s global COVID-19 relief by directly donating to their fund. 

The financial resources provide emergency supplies, protective gear, and medical relief. You can be a part of this drive to help strengthen health care facilities in affected areas.  

Direct Relief’s COVID-19 response also helps deliver basic kits like masks, gloves, and PPE gears to frontline workers. The initiative reaches out to countries worldwide by giving material and financial support. 

Rebuilding Alliance’s COVID-19 Relief Trust: The non-profit organization is on GlobalGiving’s COVID-19 Relief fund. Individuals can come to the aid of Palestine’s COVID-19 hospitals by donating here. 

Currently, the pandemic control and treatment resources are running short in Gaza. Rebuilding Alliance is helping with food supplies and aiding with vaccine and testing kits. The organization’s partner NGO hospitals in Gaza are relying greatly on international funds to combat the pandemic.

Aside from testing kits, the non-profit also contributes towards building COVID-19 safe hospitals. You can expand your charitable act by aiding this non-profit. 

 FundLife International: GlobalGiving is collaborating with the non-profit group to help in education and equal opportunities. FundLife is supporting the economy and education affected by the pandemic in the Philippines. 

The organization’s mission is to support education and economic emergency in the region. Any monetary donation will provide food, safety, and hygiene aids to children and sponsor education. 

By helping this charity, you can contribute towards children’s welfare in the hard-hit country. 

Is Your Charity Worth It?

Every individual’s donation is helping rebuild somebody’s life. Hard-hit countries are facing severe shortages in basic supplies. Several low-income families, children especially girls in developing countries, are dangerously vulnerable to the impact of COVID-19. 

The pandemic has brought about significant socio-economic challenges that urgently call for any generous donations. There are several philanthropic organizations providing ways for you to be helpful. Thanks to online transactions, your help is just a few clicks away.