5 Unusual Charities That You Might Be Interested In

The word charity organization brings with it a world of support groups that work on different motifs and goals. Though most of them work on similar patterns of helping people, here is a list of five unusually different charity organizations:

This non-profit organization has a very unusual way of treating patients with spinal cord injuries and mobility impairments by giving them a helping aid of a trained service. This organization makes adults more independent by giving them amazing support that takes care of them. Well, all this time you might be thinking that I might be talking about a nurse or a doctor but no, this organization trains a monkey to help an adult to perform their daily activities without the help of any human. The organization very carefully trains these special service animals. This organization is very keen to provide the right support and this is the reason why it carefully matches the appropriate patient. For each adult who is facing this problem, this organization gives active support and care for the entire duration of healing. This Organization was started in the year 1979.

To train these special service monkeys there is a huge staff and it takes an average of $40,000 for this special training. The bond and partnership between a human and an animal are very deep and powerful. When you donate to this organization, the money is used for the training of these monkeys. This saves a lot of lives who are suffering from impairments & mental trauma.

  • Critter Connection

Globally when we say the word pets what we consider in the mind is a picture of a dog or a cat but in reality, many other animals need our love, care, patience, and trust. This is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the abandoned Guinea pigs. This organization rescues and rehabilitates these creatures. Cindy Kuester has founded this organization in the year 2004. She realized that these small creatures also need a home and have rescued more than 1800 guinea pigs. Most of the guinea pig after proper conditional treatment is fostered into new homes by providing them with a caring family. A few of the families have no one to take care of these little creatures so what they do is donate money for these charity organizations. The donations can also be in the form of food, medicines, and supplies. It is a big house for guinea pig care centers as well as for permanent adoption or foster homes for the people who would like to adopt these animals. These animals are quite susceptible to illness as the dogs and cats are especially to cold and diarrhea. This organization also gives a good suggestion of keeping your guinea pig healthy. But yes it is always preferable to go to a professional doctor rather than giving up on your pet.

  • Tall Clubs International Foundation

The Tall Clubs International Foundation was started by Kae Sumner Einfeldt in the year 1992. This organization has mainly been started to promote benefits for tall people. This organization deals with the special needs of exceptionally tall humans. This also provides scholarships to the people who are under the age of 21, but they should meet the minimum height requirement to get a membership in this club. For any woman to join and get benefited by this organization she should be more than 5 feet 10 inches tall and for any man to join this organization he should be more than 6 feet 2 inches tall. The founder herself was tall and had many problems when she was getting educated and so she wanted to help people who have similar issues.

  • 501ST Legion

This is a very unusual organization, it is a volunteer organization and the sole purpose of this is to bring all the costume enthusiasts in one place and to operate on their interest. This organization is very much inspired by Star Wars and it promotes this idea by designing and wearing the amazing costumes of Star Wars. Charity given to the trust is contributed to making the costumes of Star Wars. There is a huge fan base for this kind of costume. The costumes are often used by the people for promotional events related to Star Wars.

American National Cattlewomen Inc

This organization promotes the women who work for the cattle industry and Agriculture business. The donations for this organization are used to educate the women and built that business very well.